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SPIGEN SGP Apple iPad Mini Hardbook Case - Navy

SPIGEN SGP Apple iPad Mini Hardbook Case - Navy

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GENUINE product from SPIGEN SGP Authorised Dealer.

FAST DELIVERYSPIGEN SGP Apple iPad Mini Hardbook Case - Azalea Navy

Hardbook Series is a premium hardcover bookbinding style case for iPad Mini. The bookbinding style of the Hardbook Series disguises your iPad by appearing as a luxurious book. The iPad Mini is securely enclosed in a plastic hard shell that keeps the device secure for added protection. The Hardbook Series for the new iPad Mini is available in 4 colors and is made with synthetic leather.

Non-slip Fabric

While preserving the soft texture of leather, this product uses a soft non-slip fabric material inside, providing a comfortable viewing or typing angle.This product allows for a comfortable typing and viewing angle when watching videos or running applications.

Automatic ON/OFF

HARDBOOK Case is designed to function like the Apple Smart Cover. 
It features embedded magnetics to automatically trigger the Sleep/Awake function when opening or closing the cover.

Please note the iPad must be removed from the top left corner of the hard casing. 
Attempting to remove the iPad from the top right corner may cause the casing to seperate from the Hardbook as well as add pressure to the volume rocker cutout.

Cases with a flip cover may press down the Aluminum Home Button as the button raises the home button slightly. Aluminum Home Buttons used with GLAS.t Screen Protectors are compatible with flip cases.


  • Hardbook Case - 1PC



Q. Will the magnetic sleep/wake feature work on the iPad Mini?

A. Yes, the magnetic sleep/wake feature works on The iPad Mini.

Q. Is the Hardbook case compatible with an iPad that has a skin guard or body shield?

A. Yes, the Hardbook case will work with an iPad that has a skin guard, however, the iPad will fit a bit tighter when installed into the plastic frame. But it will NOT work with a Body Shield.

Q. Is the Hardbook compatible with the GLAS.t?

A. Yes, the Hardbook and the GLAS.t will be compatible.

Q. Is there a magnet on the case that holds it to the screen?

A. No, the Hardbook magnets are only for the sleep/awake function. There are no magnets that will attach to the screen of the device. The Hardbook cover will sit on top of the iPad Mini.


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